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Feel free to give me a call at 541-977-1283 if you would like a free and current, detailed market report or if you have questions.

You can also request a free valuation of your home also known as a Comparative Market Analysis below.

About Robert Smith

With over 25 years of professional real estate experience I can provide you with the best service, expertise, and training to meet all your real estate needs. Starting in this business in 1994 I have continued to strive to expand my experience and increase my knowledge and training. The longevity of my career speaks to my ability to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the market and has provided me with experience in traditional sales, new home sales, multi-housing investments. I excel at being expedient, reliable and very good at negotiations. Combined with my knack for details, processing paperwork, and great articulation in completing contracts. I will make your experience in Selling or Buying real estate worry free! Living in Central Oregon since 1980 and falling in love with all the great things this area has to offer in outdoor activities, excellent schools, civic organizations and the wide range of seasonal celebrations, I can be an excellent guide to acquaint you to the wonders on this great high desert lifestyle. Respectively, Robert A. Smith John L Scott Bend 50 SW Bond Suite 1 Bend, OR. 97702 Licensed Realtor 950300069 State of Oregon 541-420-3287 email

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